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About Leigh

Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Art should make us happy. Inspired. Help us forget the mundane. If you can look at a piece of my work, feel uplifted, maybe loose yourself for a moment in the brush strokes, colour, and movement, which work together to become alive on the canvas, then I have achieved the purpose of art-making. My aim is to keep it simple, to celebrate life and beauty in a complicated, sometimes cynical world. And most importantly, my art is the expression of the gift of creativity from God, from whom every creative thought and expression flows.

I grew up in the seaside town of Umhlanga Rocks, North Coast, Durban, South Africa. After completing a Fine Arts degree, I set my sights on travel, ending up in Sydney, Australia, where I remained for 11 years. The world of branding and design lured me in, so after equipping myself with a diploma in Graphic Design and Interactive Media, I worked in this industry for the duration of my time in Sydney. It was an awesome time of international exposure.

Life has led me back to my homeland, where my heart always remained. I believe in this country. It’s a land of opportunity. Not just for self-gain, but to give back. Upon returning to South Africa, I worked for 3.5 years as the brand manager for LIV Village, applying my skills to serving a greater story than myself.

By 2015, I realised that it was time to go back to my first love. The thing that I was designed to do. Paint. So here I am. I Paint.

I now work from my home studio in Salt Rock, North Coast, Durban, South Africa. I find many clients, with a house full of empty walls, want to commission a piece but don’t know where to start. That’s where I can come in and work with them to bring these walls to life. Maybe it’s a photo, a painting or drawing of something they love, whatever. But I can bring them into the process. Art is an important part of the decor of a room. It’s largely overlooked. Thus, I also work with interior designers, hanging pieces in their showrooms, to help clients realise they need not visit a gallery to find good art.

I do still enjoy my bespoke brand clients, who come to me for the personal and individual attention I am able to offer. Due to the broad nature of my skill set, I am able to offer a cohesive package - from initial brand development, graphic design, print and online marketing requirements, as well as photography and copywriting. I have a passion for start-up businesses and thrive on working closely with my clients to watch their vision become a reality.

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