Leigh Bisset grew up in South Africa on the north coast of Durban, where the sea was an innate part of life. During her childhood, she developed a deep love of the ocean and the world of beauty beneath its surface.  

Moving to Australia in her early twenties, Leigh refined her passion for creating art with a sense of place, hope and inner peace, and after returning to her homeland in 2012, set up her own studio. 

“My studio is a sanctuary amid the noise, cynicism and chaos around us. My objective is to create work that moves and uplifts. The world can be dark and politicised – my hope is that my art compels the viewer to be present in the beauty of their surroundings, and essentially, to feel joy.” 

Leigh’s muse has always been both the ocean and the human form. Her paintings are sensual and spiritual; figurative yet ethereal; simultaneously real and abstract. One can feel Leigh’s curiosity for human nature and her delight in form. Take for example her suductive jellyfish, pulsing across the canvas, or the compelling mystique of loose female forms entwined and suspended beneath the cloud-like undertow of waves. 

Leigh’s art has been featured on the pages of Garden & Home UK and South Africa, and commissioned works are on display in private homes around the world including Dubai, the UK, Australia and South Africa.



201 Sameja Drive
Dunkirk Estate
Salt Rock, KZN
South Africa


Dael Lane
+61 415 522808


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